Monday, March 23, 2009

The Suyo-Cervantes Road way finish

“Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence.” – lin yutang

I bet the biggest hope my dear ancestors lived with that reached today’s generation has never in their wildest imagination will likely to happen. However the long awaited dream has now turned into reality. And I think, of all wait this is the best of them. Now, it’s just few steps away from every doorstep of most household in town – the completion of Suyo-Cervantes road. I must say the grace has been extra-beneficial for this two neighboring towns, as well as with the provinces near east.

the stretch of the road finally paved, connected to Urzadan bridge

stone masonry w/ weeds already

the ravine between Brgys. Urzadan and Uso

Am sure you can no longer figure out where this is. This is now the “Lipay Bridge

going zig-zag and up to Cervantes. before the Tirad Pass

(Appreciation is given to those who work hard in the completion of the road.
Of course I won't forget ITDPCL, DPWH and KEI Engr’s, you guys all did a job well done)

..gone for weeks, now it’s back

I wanted to give precious change (a bit) to my blog as a treat for having been my hangout for more than a year. That’s why I decided to purchase and paid my own domain.

I followed the instructions on the blogspot settings, set and registered a domain myself. Then I found out days after that google apps registered it with As far as I know, I bought it from google apps then why there’s this So I chased my domain at GoDaddy and try to follow the long links to activate advance settings. Until I made a one wrong click and it turns out mess. I was really frustrated about it. The more, I’m getting anxious because I had a hard time registering it through my busy schedule. I called GoDaddy customer line and would get some help but still I wasn’t able to retrieve my registered domain for some reason. So if by chance you’ll find your way to, there you can see is for bid, auction and most of all it’s for sale at much higher price than I paid for it.

I am tongue-tied when I saw it and with that I’m so upset. Couldn’t think of a better reason to explain and give myself the right conclusion how internet really works. My consolation now is there’s this for free. (Although I feel sad to the dollars I spent for the registration, sayang naman :) ) So why would I leave it and bother to spend time with things without assurance?

Monday, March 2, 2009

More of March

We’re now in March and for me days seem moving way, way fast. March is widely known as the month of many weathers. We can expect everything and anything from warm, sunny days to fierce winds by way of rain, fog, frost and even snow.

Sometimes we get a lot within a very short time. I myself say it so. (Not to add that I was born on March.) It’s this month that our long journey being locked up with our studies will usually end at. There was the achievement, excitement, and of course very happy that we could finally relax. Lot of pleasant and pleasure things to do are at wait. The mountain hiking, swimming and picnics, joyrides, sharing and singing, reunion with family and friends to mention a few which sometimes makes me say “it’s nice to go back being a student of those yester years”.

In addition, we also have holy week that falls on March that sometimes makes me feel intimidated. So from anything and everything, we try to do lot of things. From fasting, abstaining and some tend to totally give up necessary things. And to quote abstain, many college students have abstained from Facebook for lent not only last year but in recent years – as Stephanie Simon reports in the Wall Street Journal. (Woo, that’s a thing that impressed me much about the Americans.)

Moreover, March was once the first month of the year, moving to third place when January and February were added about 700 BC according to Nicholas Rhea in Britains Newsquest Media Group in 2005.

March sometimes give me much that I am so pleased yet I’m always reminded of the things that may come unexpected. And so with the old familiar saying “if March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.”