Monday, December 10, 2007


"There is no remedy for love but to love more."

They might be true in saying never try to resist or ignore love. So I must keep on loving YOU then...more and more.

love and kindness

"Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house. Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next door neighbor... Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting."
-Mother Theresa

How great is your love dear mother. Pray for us so that in some little ways we can show to others that love and kindness you had have.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Some courtesy and goodness

I was like being lost in a stranger place miles away from home. A place of white and merge races, of different cultures and traditions and of different seasons. A much different place from where I was rooted. But the place is well accommodating somehow, considerably good place to live in and economy is good.

It has been five months since I landed here and have been adjusting to the place. I did hanging around already in some places with friends and relatives. From those journeys I have learned of offering seat in a bus to senior citizens and did standing without minding how far the travel before having seat again or standing all along to your destination if not lucky for the next vacant seat. Another courtesy is opening the door for someone behind you mostly seen in malls, private or public offices/buildings and saying thank you as well. It is also country’s nature to greet one another such hi, good morning/afternoon, how are you, and exchanging smiles too not considering if you know each other or not. To be fair, not all (and that includes some kabayans I met along the way) in this place were doing these things but most of them are.

Stepping in an office building, I was bit overwhelmed by the treatment of an officer who entertained me by addressing me ma’am. Because in our dear Filipinas it is reversal and what will you get a slow service and a no good treatment. Offices here, the employees treat themselves as servants, to really serve. The officer will be the one to call clients sir or ma’am. By then probably you will have a good day.

Another, people here in the North Pole does address each other by names. Why? As I have heard in an immigration orientation that is to show how people are equal from one another. Walang mas mataas or mas mababa sa lipunan maging kahit sino ka mang presidente, mayaman o mahirap. All are treated well and the same. See how good it is! It is far different from the reason I have in mind before. (I like it, may advantage din pala)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I've got a song

As I was looking trough the years from the struggles I have been, I find a quite moment of being sentimental and asserting myself to emptiness.

I Hate You Then I Love You (by CELINE DION)
(duet with Luciano Pavarotti)

I'd like to run away from you
But if I were to leave you I would die
I'd like to break the chains you put around me
And yet I'll never try
No matter what you do you drive me crazy

I'd rather be alone
But then I know my life would be so empty
As soon as you were gone
Impossible to live with you
For a whatever you do/for whatever you do

I never, never, never
Want to be with anyone but you
You make me sad, you make me die
You make me laugh, you make me cry/you make me long for you
You make me live, you make me die
You make me laugh, you make me cry/You make me cry for you
I hate you, then I love you, then I love you,
then I hate you
Then I love you more
For whatever you do

I never, never, never
To be in love with anyone but you
You tread me wrong, You tread me right
You let me be, you make me fight with you/
I could never live without you
You make me high, you bring me down
You set me free, you hold me bound to you

I hate you, then I love you, then I love you,
then I hate you, Then I love you more
For whatever you do/For whatever you do

I never, never, never
Want to be in love with anyone but you
I never, never, never
I never, never, never
Want to be in love with anyone but you...but you

This is the song I got from trying on putting the earth’s round shape unto polygonal and from trying to become an optimistic one as I was being called pessimist.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

There and here; then and now

I have the feeling of excitement and nervousness year ago when papers were on processed for abroad. I might one a failure or be lucky enough. Fortunately I am very lucky.

Days came near and I am about to leave our dearest place. By then I am already bit hesitant to prepare my things for my trip aboard. Thinking of leaving everything that makes me who and where I am. Getting lonely as I count on the days left, I even thought of withdrawing not to go. But I came to think over again, this is the thing I was once wished and hoped for. Here it is, a wish granted. So I really have to go, leave all the people I love and those close to my heart, give up my work where I have learned a lot, abandon all those youth activities/gatherings/happenings that give me joy and fulfillment. I am taking it; I will take it as another adventure, besides being apart from those might not be bad at all.

Being now in a foreign land so far I am at good shape. Not far from liking the place although I am still adjusting the way how life is spend here. I can not help but I am missing back home. There is the presence of relatives and kabayans but of course somehow life is still different way back. This feeling might be the so called homesick nor maybe I left the country not much ready or either something is more than that. Shall I have to admit that perhaps my heart was left beyond? Well whatever it is, I do missed home and truly there is no place like home.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My trick or treat

I did have my first ever Halloween this year. In the eve of October 31, we went out with 3 kids in their Halloween costume and go trick or treating. We went door-to-door in the neighborhood, rang each doorbell and yelled “trick or treat!” to solicit a gift of candy or similar items. Along the way we met children accompanied by their parents also in different traditional costumes to disguise.
It was like a commotion that suddenly in darkness shadows keeps on running and yelling.

Carved pumpkin lit by a candle inside, one of the most prominent Halloween’s symbol, was seen in most every doorstep.

Other decorations seen in the celebration includes ghosts, witches, vampires, bats, owls, crows, haunted houses, aliens, spiders, mummies, skeletons, zombies and demons.

After our bags get felled we went home and excited to see what we got. We do have chips, candies, lollipop, small bar of chocolates and lot more.
In fairness to the tradition, it was fun. It was just like having a Christmas caroling way back then.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


During my college days I have wish to be an older one than my age. There’s the rush of becoming a 25th-year old lady or so, a more mature than usual college stud girl. A wish reasons I am not certain of. It might be for these things; the drive to be out from school and work towards goal to show the world I can; the admiration I have for those successful young man and woman in their office attires; or maybe because my man is ahead of me more than a decade. Either on these things I just really wanted to be by then.

Now reaching my 25th birthday was already a bit worry. It is reversal to what I am wishing before. And I found out that a close female friend of mine is scared too upon reaching her 26th birthday on October 25th. Another is my cousin, 28th year old lady, bit afraid that she might pass 30 without having married. Some peers also I have met worries in common that they are running out of time so they need to be married as long as possible, the soonest it can be.

Why the worries?

In my case, I started to feel the worry because looking back I don’t have much accomplishments yet. I have a lot of wants to do. First in mind, I want to regain myself from emotional struggles. I am not being regretful, actually I am happy, and yes I do. But the thing is this head was inflamed, deemed paralyze. I need to reset the way I have had before so that it could be in good function again. Just maybe. And a bit improvement for me would be a good idea.

Second thing, my family is my home, where my heart is and who I am. To see them happy and settled in a good living condition is the very heart of my effort. Thirdly, I want to extend help to my relatives which I think is best. Another, I spent almost half of my age in our parish youth ministry, regardless of my senti’s I want to share them my support in any kind as long as I could. The last thing but not the least for the moment is to see my community a peaceful and clean place to live in. I want to contribute in any way I could towards achieving this vision.

But oh my, it seems that I am running out of time too to achieve all this want-to-do lists. And how about my personal thing, I have not included it yet and yet with the above mentioned it seems to occupy my whole life. Oh no!…………(age will you please remain)uu

Monday, October 29, 2007

To all who won and lost the Barangay and SK Elections ‘07

Extending my congratulations to all of you. Those who did not made it, try again next time. And for those who did, you got the power to...."?"....make them believe in you.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A glimpse to politics

October comes fast. Another awaited moment in Philippine political setting.

On last Monday of this month voters will all lead to precincts and vote for their ideal barangay officials together with the young people to cast their votes for Chairmanship of Sangunniang Kabataan and councilors. A must be wise selection of officials.

In my hometown, what do people have in their minds again?

The previous national and local election shows an elevated picture of it’s no extraordinary traditional political form. To mention a few, it demonstrates political greediness; voters show how they indulged themselves in politics for a good cause of their own interest. The election brought division to families, relatives, friends, and neighborhood and town people itself. Not to mention the rest.

Why does election have to be a wrecking phenomenon? Whereas it could be happen otherwise, without any endangering ones life.

Few days before the election may we have already in mind what qualities of candidates that worth our votes. Not only on neither the amount they have given, nor a promise but at least try considering their principles and status among others not only as politician but an earthly human being.

To the youth, I know the awareness you have in our town’s political setting. Your future relies in you. Today is the time to build a promising future; you have all the intelligence in hand to pursue upon it.

Or are you a picture of another selfish corrupt politician or even worse?

I give my best wishes to all political candidates especially in my beloved hometown and a prayer for honest, order and peaceful elections. May the good Lord enlighten all voters’ heart and mind as they elect their new set of officials; May JESUS also remind those aspiring candidates that HE came to us not to be served but to SERVE.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Suyo-Cervantes Road Improvement Project

the beginning of the project
the survey team
the face of it
the engineers

On June 8, 2006, construction of Suyo-Cervantes Road Section commence with the Italian-Thai Development Public Company limited being the contractor. The original contract was scheduled at until April 2, 2009 but later revised to August 31, 2009 due to Variation Order No.1 due to conversion of Asphalt Concrete Pavement (ACP) to Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (PCCP).

The Contract Amount is Php 1,164,622,570.23 originally having no change with
Variation Order No. 1.

The Suyo-Cervantes road is a part of a rural arterial road connecting the Manila North Road and the Baguio - Bontoc Halsema Highway.

It is a mountain road passing through several municipalities and barangay along the rugged terrain of Ilocos Sur. The project road thus, when completed, will enhance and hasten the economic development and general well being not only the area it traverses but also the surrounding region as well.

The project road starts at the end of existing Portland cement concrete pavement at km. 321+201, located at the municipality of Suyo in Barangay Cabugao, about seven (7) kilometers from junction of Manila North Road, specifically at Brgy. Bitalag in the Town of Tagudin, Ilocos Sur. The road follows an eastward direction following the existing road passing through Barangay Butac and Barangay Malaya. At the mid point of this section the historical Bessang Pass is located. From Barangay Malaya the road passes through rice fields across the flat plain of Malaya River, then rise gradually to the Municipality of Cervantes and end at a junction in km. 381+475.

The project is part of the Arterial Road Links Development Project, Phase 5 (ARLDP V), tagged as Contract Package 4A under the Department of Public Works and Highways – Philippine Japan Highway Loan – Project Management Office (DPWH-PJHL-PMO), with Katahira & Engineers International in association with EH Sison Engrs. Co., Pertconsult International, Teckniks Group Corporation, and Multi-Infra Konsult, Inc. as its Consultants for Detailed Engineering and Construction Supervision. The project was made possible through a loan agreement from Japan Bank International Cooperation (JBIC).(kei)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

chico river in the spot

where chico river flows

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The Akashi-Kaikyō Bridge (明石海峡大橋, Akashi Kaikyō Ō-hashi?), also known as Pearl Bridge, is a suspension bridge in Japan that crosses the Akashi Strait; it links Maiko in Kobe and Iwaya on Awaji Island as part of the Honshū-Shikoku Highway. It is the longest suspension bridge in the world to date, as measured by the length of its center span 1,991 metres (6,532 ft), substantially longer than the second longest suspension bridge, the Danish Great Belt Bridge. Its total length is 3,911 metres (12,831 ft). It was planned to be one of three Honshū-Shikoku connecting bridges, annexing two borders of the Inland Sea.

The bridge has three spans. The central span is 1,991 metres (6,532 ft), with the two other sections each 960 metres (3,150 ft). The bridge is 3,911 metres (12,831 ft) long overall. The central span was originally only 1,990 metres (6,529 ft) but was stretched by a further metre in the Kobe earthquake on January 17, 1995.
The bridge was designed with a two-hinged stiffening girder system, allowing the structure to withstand winds of 286 kilometres per hour (178 mph), earthquakes measuring to 8.5 on the Richter scale, and harsh sea currents. The bridge also contains pendulums that operate at the resonant frequency of the bridge to dampen forces. The two main supporting towers are 298 metres (978 ft) above sea level, and the bridge can expand up to two meters in one day.(wikipedia)


When completed, the Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower) will be the tallest structure in the world, according to the four criteria outlined by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, at the Illinois Institute of Technology. According to developers Emaar Properties, the Burj Dubai has surpassed the height of the CN Tower (Toronto), which at 553.33 metres has held the record of the world's tallest free-standing structure since 1976. (THE GLOBE AND MAIL)

Monday, September 24, 2007

'People who have experienced some doubt...Everybody.'

tickled pink

Laughter is the best kind of energy there is - it's cheap, environmentally (and people) friendly and totally renewable. The fact that a hearty guffaw is a good thing may seem obvious, but do you know exactly how good? Here are few reasons why it will do you good to give a giggle.

. The perks precede the laugh. Just the anticipation of laughter is enough to flood your body with endorphins - feel-good hormones that reduce stress while boosting your mood - according to research from Loma University in California.

. It can help you lighten up. There's a reason your face and stomach muscles begin to ache - they're working hard. In fact, a 10- to 15-minute giggle session can burn up to 40 calories (about one square of chocolate). Some even say that laughter engages most of your body's 400 muscles.

.You can fake it and still enjoy it. While your brain knows it's forcing a chuckle, your body won't care, which means that you'll still enjoy all the stress relieving, joy-boosting benefits of a laugh, according to a study from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, N.J. Once your brain signals your body to laugh, fake or not, the body will release those bliss-making endorphins. (Lauren Ferranti-Ballem))

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Near yet far"

First day of classes for the second semester, school year 2001-2002. In my junior advance subject class under Mrs. Avila, I was sitting in front with curiosity who would be my classmates that time. Turning my head to the right was a man in white collar shirt tucked in a Levi Strauss jeans sitting at the center aisle aligned to where i sit.
The figure of this man i guess, has been an inspiration to the girls in the university.(And if I'd to put myself into a dream, this man would be the best choice..nyahnyah) This man who walks like a military cadet, a hunky standing guy, a walking dictionary as the university addressed it, a genius looking man, a serious one and so on..makes me feel curious during freshman year.(Hu dat guy is? Interesting!!uu) He wasn't seen much in our Institute, as i have known, he was a very busy student. An officer of different organization in the whole university. And one thing he's a BSGE stude while I'm BSCE. Few chances of seeing him around brings a bit "kilig to the bones". (geehz)
Now the sight of this guy is at hand, he is a classmate, so near. Yes near and yet far. Here comes December and that man wasn't already attending the class. New year came, a friend told me, he entered PMA. No chances of talking to him or being acquainted.
March of last year, in a dinner after an elementary graduation ceremony where I was the invited guest speaker, Mr. Foronda (a former instructor, attended the said occasion where a sibling of him was a graduate) informed me that they attended the blow out of Lt. Ariel Toledo being the Valedictorian of PMA class '06. I asked Lt. Ariel's phone number and sent a congratulatory msge that i received no reply at all.
Few weeks before i left the country on June 23rd of this year, I was at the DPWH consultant's office of the ongoing construction of SUYO-CERVANTES ROAD. It was one of a fortunate day because the daily broadsheet was already out from the Japanese Consultant's office and has been at the secretary's desk.(It has been my habit to read the daily news and won't leave the office w/o doing it.) Front lining the news was, Lt. Toledo is suffering from an illness and his colleagues were raising funds for his major hospitalization. A prayer and hope for him to overcome the illness was the least thing i could do.
September 18, i ended up browsing the blog site of Atty. E. Cardinez and read her entry for Sept. 15. Opening @ reading her blog was a shock for me. -2nd Lt. Ariel Toledo interred in his native hometown....-As HE is in the military i gave high hope for him that he'll be given more than enough support from the gov't. Well, expect the none expected. Our life is not ours.
The man who caught my attention and who keeps my curiosity unanswered was eventually gone. He is now totally far.
A salute to you Lt. Ariel Toledo. Your deeds of perseverance/hardworking will be an inspiration to everyone. May your soul now rest in peace.