Thursday, July 30, 2009

weighing happiness

The best of laughter comes out naturally when pain has finally subsided. (wink, It’s easy said.) Or am I just ostentatious to what truly emotion holds dear?

That said, I could say, I found the last few months enjoyable, full of laughter and excitement all throughout. It has been busy months aside from the usual things I do. If I feel like running miles, I hopped in into the mountain bike my cousin had given me and ready to shake-off the road. Parties are always around the corner that’s why weekends never end-up boring. As well as thrilling movies are never out of sight so no more room for sentiments. But then again people who are closed to my heart are still the most significant bearer of what happiness brings.

And I’m not just trying to escape the perennial feeling which undeniably wasted much of my time and energy. I do love experiencing new adventures and my guts says am ready to push trough. Although some adventures might be too risky, yet, I think there’s always fun at some point.

Nevertheless, others utter, happiness is generally caused by our own internal state of mind rather than an external event. It’s a great fallacy to constantly look outside ourselves for happiness.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Federer won his sixth Wimbledon title

Roger Federer held up his trophy with Andy Roddick beside after beating the latter in a marathon match that lasted more than four hours on the Centre Court at Wimbledon, Sunday, July 5, 2009.

What a play?! I loved it. It really pays off watching the crowd-pleaser match with all the screams, clapping and jumping off the seat. Great job Roger!

..we are the World - bids farewell

There have been much unending favorable words all over the world we could hear how wonderful Michael Jackson was. He is being appreciated how he changed the world especially music and how he touched lives through his songs.

I could say he is incredibly unique, one of a kind. From childhood I was deeply touched to the message and to the good purpose of the creation of the song “We Are the World”. It’s a beautiful song. And it really would be had every one of us contribute a little to the fulfillment of his dream.

As Janet Jackson put it, “to you, Michael is an icon: to us he is family. Indeed, you are family in most hearts. Farewell MJ, surely you’ll be remembered.

The participation of various artists is pretty inspiring. Well done. I played it over and over again.