Wednesday, August 5, 2009

when rain drops

Outside the rain begin again. We do have frequent downpour and windy summer here. Albeit am used to wet season back home it felt different to have rain around on summer days. It has been weeks that rained which is unusual to the season.

So to put myself in solace I keep repeating the old kiddie song, rain, rain go away, hoping it would really stop. Still the drop gets harder. I decided then to gaze for quite longer to the falling crystalline -like -rain. And before I knew it, I am being rushed to the altitude of nostalgia. I was caught unguarded. False hope envelopes the soul once more..yet just before letting myself fall again into dream without assurance here comes the wake up call...

Thanks FM radio for playing this momentarily...

..Just another lesson to be learned

Gotta move on and not lose faith

Just another obstacle to face

Live my life before it gets too late

I won't give up

I won't stay down

This is what life's worth living for

(Life's worth living for)

I still believe in love....