Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In Case (and I Thought) You Want To Know

So long, the tag by ate ganda that almost neglected. Here it is.
I am: overdosed
I think: the sun appears brighter after sunset
I know: I can make it (??!!)
I wish: I could go home this year
I hate: inconsiderate person, crab mentality
I miss: being with my family and friends
I fear: adding weight (haha)
I hear: new James Bond film is on the way
I smell: the aroma of green tea..(nakuh, ma addict n ata!)
I crave: nothing much (lately i stop craving for choco's because it triggers my migraine)
I search: for every reason and answer
I wonder: (why??)
I regret: a little for not taking medical course
I love: listening to music/instrumental, reading and getting in touch with friends
I ache: for the thought of not seeing YOU anymore
I believe: pessimists are far closer to the truth than the optimists.
I dance: with the sound of music
I sing: almost everywhere
I cry: when I could no longer bear the pain and burden of life’s sad stories
I fight: when I know am right
I win: most when I wouldn’t let negative attacks get in my nerves
I lose: YOU
I never: thought of you coming into my life and escape unnoticed
I always: end up thinking what if’s
I confuse: here the sun sets somewhere in north-east where in our place it is sunrise
I listen: to people’s cry and stories with lessons to tell
I am scared: of frequently seeing snake in my dreams
I need: bakasyon grande, means I need lot of money too. haha
I am happy about: the way my life was and of course the present
I imagine: myself in an exotic Caribbean cruise and having much pleasure in a fantastic European tour. (nakz!!)

I tag fayeh, joylyn, mam nelia and ping.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

..can't we try..??


I know that this line should be kept in closet yet. And more aware that I should be seeing myself first, hand and hand with my man as we both say we do. Inevitably, I am browsing lot of pages as how to keep a lasting relationship when I unexpectedly directed to this beautiful suggestive quote. It is apparently an enlightening memento to each of us when disaster rocks the boat of our love and tries to wreck couples' happy life.

Beforehand, in a philosophical conversation of not so close male friends I heard one saying; we never know or sure what this life we are living at the moment. And add that our existence in this planet could be just a big faking dream. That in other dimension of life we are tightly sleeping and might come a day we will woke up in a different world where we really belong.

It made me stop and think. In realization of that thought, it put me to a point of agreeing. Now if our presence is a dream then I wouldn’t like it to end. I love how it goes. Furthermore it has been good as fantasy. That is why before this illusive dream finally gets over this fat-headed heart of mine still chasing we can try harder. And would appeal..(again and again)

Can't we try just a little bit harder
Can't we give just a little bit more
Can't we try to understand
That it's love we're fighting for
Can't we try just a little more passion
Can't we try just a little less pride
I love you so much baby
That it tears me up inside