Tuesday, October 30, 2007


During my college days I have wish to be an older one than my age. There’s the rush of becoming a 25th-year old lady or so, a more mature than usual college stud girl. A wish reasons I am not certain of. It might be for these things; the drive to be out from school and work towards goal to show the world I can; the admiration I have for those successful young man and woman in their office attires; or maybe because my man is ahead of me more than a decade. Either on these things I just really wanted to be by then.

Now reaching my 25th birthday was already a bit worry. It is reversal to what I am wishing before. And I found out that a close female friend of mine is scared too upon reaching her 26th birthday on October 25th. Another is my cousin, 28th year old lady, bit afraid that she might pass 30 without having married. Some peers also I have met worries in common that they are running out of time so they need to be married as long as possible, the soonest it can be.

Why the worries?

In my case, I started to feel the worry because looking back I don’t have much accomplishments yet. I have a lot of wants to do. First in mind, I want to regain myself from emotional struggles. I am not being regretful, actually I am happy, and yes I do. But the thing is this head was inflamed, deemed paralyze. I need to reset the way I have had before so that it could be in good function again. Just maybe. And a bit improvement for me would be a good idea.

Second thing, my family is my home, where my heart is and who I am. To see them happy and settled in a good living condition is the very heart of my effort. Thirdly, I want to extend help to my relatives which I think is best. Another, I spent almost half of my age in our parish youth ministry, regardless of my senti’s I want to share them my support in any kind as long as I could. The last thing but not the least for the moment is to see my community a peaceful and clean place to live in. I want to contribute in any way I could towards achieving this vision.

But oh my, it seems that I am running out of time too to achieve all this want-to-do lists. And how about my personal thing, I have not included it yet and yet with the above mentioned it seems to occupy my whole life. Oh no!…………(age will you please remain)uu

Monday, October 29, 2007

To all who won and lost the Barangay and SK Elections ‘07

Extending my congratulations to all of you. Those who did not made it, try again next time. And for those who did, you got the power to...."?"....make them believe in you.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A glimpse to politics

October comes fast. Another awaited moment in Philippine political setting.

On last Monday of this month voters will all lead to precincts and vote for their ideal barangay officials together with the young people to cast their votes for Chairmanship of Sangunniang Kabataan and councilors. A must be wise selection of officials.

In my hometown, what do people have in their minds again?

The previous national and local election shows an elevated picture of it’s no extraordinary traditional political form. To mention a few, it demonstrates political greediness; voters show how they indulged themselves in politics for a good cause of their own interest. The election brought division to families, relatives, friends, and neighborhood and town people itself. Not to mention the rest.

Why does election have to be a wrecking phenomenon? Whereas it could be happen otherwise, without any endangering ones life.

Few days before the election may we have already in mind what qualities of candidates that worth our votes. Not only on neither the amount they have given, nor a promise but at least try considering their principles and status among others not only as politician but an earthly human being.

To the youth, I know the awareness you have in our town’s political setting. Your future relies in you. Today is the time to build a promising future; you have all the intelligence in hand to pursue upon it.

Or are you a picture of another selfish corrupt politician or even worse?

I give my best wishes to all political candidates especially in my beloved hometown and a prayer for honest, order and peaceful elections. May the good Lord enlighten all voters’ heart and mind as they elect their new set of officials; May JESUS also remind those aspiring candidates that HE came to us not to be served but to SERVE.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Suyo-Cervantes Road Improvement Project

the beginning of the project
the survey team
the face of it
the engineers

On June 8, 2006, construction of Suyo-Cervantes Road Section commence with the Italian-Thai Development Public Company limited being the contractor. The original contract was scheduled at until April 2, 2009 but later revised to August 31, 2009 due to Variation Order No.1 due to conversion of Asphalt Concrete Pavement (ACP) to Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (PCCP).

The Contract Amount is Php 1,164,622,570.23 originally having no change with
Variation Order No. 1.

The Suyo-Cervantes road is a part of a rural arterial road connecting the Manila North Road and the Baguio - Bontoc Halsema Highway.

It is a mountain road passing through several municipalities and barangay along the rugged terrain of Ilocos Sur. The project road thus, when completed, will enhance and hasten the economic development and general well being not only the area it traverses but also the surrounding region as well.

The project road starts at the end of existing Portland cement concrete pavement at km. 321+201, located at the municipality of Suyo in Barangay Cabugao, about seven (7) kilometers from junction of Manila North Road, specifically at Brgy. Bitalag in the Town of Tagudin, Ilocos Sur. The road follows an eastward direction following the existing road passing through Barangay Butac and Barangay Malaya. At the mid point of this section the historical Bessang Pass is located. From Barangay Malaya the road passes through rice fields across the flat plain of Malaya River, then rise gradually to the Municipality of Cervantes and end at a junction in km. 381+475.

The project is part of the Arterial Road Links Development Project, Phase 5 (ARLDP V), tagged as Contract Package 4A under the Department of Public Works and Highways – Philippine Japan Highway Loan – Project Management Office (DPWH-PJHL-PMO), with Katahira & Engineers International in association with EH Sison Engrs. Co., Pertconsult International, Teckniks Group Corporation, and Multi-Infra Konsult, Inc. as its Consultants for Detailed Engineering and Construction Supervision. The project was made possible through a loan agreement from Japan Bank International Cooperation (JBIC).(kei)