Wednesday, May 20, 2009

make your place kinda bigger

Almost everyone’s catching up some fun under the spring heat as summer still a month away. Thinking what else to do? You perhaps want to consider making your place for a bigger and cooler look to hang-out with. So get started and make your place ready for a summer full of fun. From On the GO.

>Foyer. To make a small entry look larger, mirror a wall or hang a large mirror above a chest or a console.

>Focal Points. If you have a fireplace, hang a mirror above it to reflect light into the room. No fireplace? Buy a great looking console and hang a large decorative mirror above it.

>Bathroom. The fastest way to lighten and brighten a small bathroom is to put a large mirror above the vanity. If your budget permits, mirror the opposite wall to create an even more spacious feeling.

>Kitchen. If your kitchen feels cramped, mirror the wall space between the cabinets and the counter top. This trick adds more light and makes the workspace look larger.

>Closets. Turn a small closet into a computer nook. Mirror the walls, add built-ins, and install good lighting. Your computer room will be bright and cheerful thanks to the magic of mirrors.