Thursday, November 20, 2008


If letting go would be as easy just like the leaves of the trees that fell off naturally during autumn..

then there would be no more holding on just as the bare trees hardly hold the first touch-down of snow as early as November.

(photos originally uploaded by chico river)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tracing stress and depression

I am the type of person that can fall asleep even though a snoring cousin would slept with us for an overnight stay, a loud sound of music in the background or there’s people chatting around.

I could sleep on buses, trains, more in a passenger jeep that is less comfortable.
All I want to do is to sleep, sleep and sleep. Most of the morning is a hard time to deal with. I always fight with laziness to get up on the bed. However I could stay awaked several nights working overtime to meet deadline of works.

It has been said that sleeplessness may associate with depression, fatigue, anxiety and so on. With that, I elevated some confidence and strongly believed I am not into depression or anxiety. All is well with me although tiny part within would like to declare I’m dead-smashed inside.

Lately I’ve read that according to David N. Neubauer, M.D, associate director of the Johns Hopkins Sleep Disorders Center, at least 80 percent of depressed people experience some form of insomnia - whether it’s difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. It raises my eyebrows with much disbelief. Well then if that would be the case, I told myself I may belong to the remaining 20 %.

Also a latest study from Taipei Veterans General Hospital found out that woman who suffered dysfunctional voiding like frequent urinating is having a high level of depression and anxiety. Compare to other women without this kind of symptoms.

I started to experience frequent urinating two years ago at home. In and out of the washroom especially at night until I could feel my tummy hardened. I could say I am a water freak and this probably the reason of my frequent urinating. Yet I think the situation is getting worst this time. I had my consecutive medical check-up last year before leaving the country and had too early this year. The results were all blaze of glory over unexpected outcome. I am physically well. (Emotionally??)

Stressful environment and modern life style are perhaps contributing factor to high incidents of dysfunctional voiding. And dysfunctional voiding is more commonly seen in recent years, with an average age of 48 says Dr. Alex T.L. Lin of Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan.

Given the above review it gives me goose-bumps. Under some circumstances, yes, I think it’s not too far to be in state of stress or depression.