Monday, January 26, 2009

ticket to Grande Prairie

Who would think we aren’t nuts when we dare want to spend winter holidays in much cooler place? Haven’t we had enough cold in here?

Lucky are we, as some say, got free weeks and tickets in our hand and we traveled to Grand Prairie, Alberta. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, located northwest of Edmonton. Has a large trading zone of people that includes Filipino contract workers.

Staying in Grande Prairie for a short time let me take note about weather comparison between this city and some cities near lake. Grand Prairie is really a home of snow and freezing temperature. Yet you could feel solemnity within the environment. It is so calm and peaceful. Most of the people just simply wore running shoes and jacket as winter stuff. Unlike here in Toronto area which is by the lake, the weather seems wild. Aside from snowstorm and rain, there’s a destructive gusting wind. So then people have to wear completely from hat, mittens, and scarf down to snow boots to survive winter time.

Another interesting thing to note is there’s no sales tax in this city, province wide. And it would be savvy I think to spend some time in there at this point of recession.

Though we didn’t see much of the whole place, because we’ve been there at a wrong time (as they quoted it), I would still say the visit worth everything. Aside from pleasure, I experienced what to be like living in that place. Most of all, to see old friends and kabayans really paid off especially when the plane ticket is fortuitously a gift.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Go along to an Ox year

The wonderful holidays have been long overdue and so with this little place of mine have been in slumber too.
It feels like yester years were just an inch back away. The entrance of the new year was a numb to my senses. It doesn't bell any enthusiasm although I have things in mind what to eradicate and set goals to work for.
In spite of that, I found the sight of these chirping birds in a freezing-midmorning new year invigorating to the nerves. It really was an inspiring view to capture. More so when you are trying to mend an anatomy like of a jigsaw puzzle in broken pieces.
Thence let the year of the Ox roll-over. May it brings out the best in us and blow our way with enough fortune and good health.