Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some February happenings..

A total lunar eclipse occurred on the evening of Wednesday, February 20, and morning of Thursday, February 21, 2008. It was visible in the eastern evening sky on February 20 for all of North and South America, and on February 21 in the predawn western sky from most of Africa and Europe. (wikipedia)


That was the eclipse I completely gazed at. And even love staring at it when all I can see is darkness. So I ended up with a stiff neck after long moment of looking up. We rushed to the Lakeshore that night to witness the eclipse that’s why we forgot to bring cam to take shot for a souvenir.


February 29 is Leap Year Day. It is also the fifth Friday of February. The last time February had five Fridays was 1980. (

Monday, February 25, 2008

Let’s do MEME (again :-( )

Coincidentally when I was tagged to do this meme the pc that I’m using encountered some problem again. So then it was put in a computer shop to be repaired whatever damage was it got and still in repair at the moment. Now I need to grab other pc to do this meme. Better late ate ganda than never..haha

Ate ganda likes Prison Break which for me I tried watching twice if I remember right but I couldn’t relate much to it.(haha) But some really says it is a good watch.

My family and I used to watch historical war movies with few titles I remember such as Black Hawk Down, Wind Talkers, Pearl Harbor, Enemy at the Gates and the likes of A Knights Tale, Gladiator, The Patriot, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter etc.. Although my mother doesn’t like much those kind because for her it’s scary.
When I’m alone I am enjoying to watch cartoon movies (kahit paulit ulit pa) . From the kingdom of Lion King, Cinderella, Snow White Finding Nemo and oh I love Shrek. And of course I love much watching love stories such as Sweet November, Autumn in new York, If Only, Notting Hill, Pretty Woman….a lot more. Since I’m not with my immediate family lately I have no idea about the latest movie they have watched.

The last movie I have seen actually was The Godfather: Part II (1974)
This drama/thriller movie presents two parallel storylines. One involves Mafia chief Michael Corleone in 1958/1959 after the events of the first movie; the other is a series of flashbacks following his father, Vito Corleone from 1917 to 1925, from his youth in Sicily (1901) to the founding of the Corleone family in New York.

Michael Corleone was played with uncanny ability by Al Pacino and Robert De Niro as Vito Corleone. This movie has won 6 Oscars and numerous nominations.

As taimur74 said you have to watch this movie and learn why it is the greatest gangster film of all time.

I would like to tag all movie addicts/fanatics and joylyn, eng’r nelia, marosariopaz


1. Link back the person who tagged you and write what was the movie his/her family enjoyed watching recently.

2. Now your turn to tell about the movie your family had just watched.

3. Tell something about the movie and spoilers are accepted.

4. Lastly, write anything that has something to do with movies: Trivia, your top choice or favorites and why, your family's story about your favorite motion pictures, the first film you watched with your husband, any traditional film the family’s been keeping etc...etc...

5. Copy and paste the rules of this meme on your blog and pass the tag to as many friends, bloggers and movie lovers you want. Don't forget to tell them they're tagged and leave a comment here if you're done with the task.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

American Idol-Season 7

Watching American Idol during preliminary audition in different states has been fun. Hundreds of them make it to Hollywood.
And here comes Hollywood, making it to top 24. The scene was very dramatic, tough for the judges to decide and emotional to everyone. The unstoppable tears fall that even I conveyed to the situation.
Anyway a petite beautiful Fil-Am makes it to the top 24, Ms. Ramiele Malubay. (Good luck and make good.)
Henceforth, I will be looking through who gonna make it to the finals and who gonna be the next American Idol.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Since PHILIPPINES is the only Christian country in Southeast Asia or most of Asia, the act of graft/corruption/injustices could be absolve through penance. By then graft/corruption/injustices could be done again after all assurance was given biblically, penance.

Whereas in other countries, if you break divine or moral law, punishment is really given, no excuses that even life could pay your sin to death. This practice minimizes people from breaking the law. And it makes them not as the most corrupt country. (comprised bloggers thoughts)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Brain or Heart?

**Use the organ that thinks.

Think with brain in matters of love.**

Looking through - Hearts Day

Heart Month. Red Month.
And hearts day is coming fast, inescapable.

-hearts day will just pass... just live each day happy. do what makes you smile... everything will follow.. -That’s a line from a friend who stands brave and hopeful amidst………. Yes, life has every reason to be happy indeed.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Monday, February 4, 2008


Suyo, Ilocos Sur celebrates its annual fiesta on February 3-6. The celebration starts on the night of Febraury 3 which is religious night. All sects in the municipality gather for a night of various showcases and worship.

Daytime activities will be opened through parade and street dancing along the road of Poblacion towards the municipal gym. Different shows from Elementary and High School students immediately follows.

Many other activities and festivities that surely everybody will enjoy highlighting the celebration and I bet the search for Miss Suyo will excite the town folks the most and the visitors as well.

Last day is usually the thanksgiving, the “Canao”. Thank is given to “Kabunian” for the masaganang ani and for the liberation, freeing from being captives of the Japanese imperials.

So if happens that you are in the area you can join the town in its native lunch.

Happy 63rd fiesta beloved Suyo!