Monday, April 4, 2011


With all the things I do to keep all cardiac, glands, adrenals or hormones at work 60/24 and escape awhile from all good things that bound to kept in a lovely memory chest, just like the fine sand that slips down in an hour glass, memories are too -although they’re plenty rough- in a hurry volunteering to be at the picture..

And Jose Mari Chan best describe it in this song..

I look out and see the rain
As it falls on my window pane
And the music that’s in my heart
Is a sad refrain
Endless traffic of sounds and lights
Midst the glitter of neon lights
Still the music that’s in my heart
Is the same sad refrain

Memories of you follows everywhere I go
Down the high and by-ways of my days
Music of your laughter fills my every dream
Like a love song from long ago
Never ending streams of faces come and go
Million different people all around
No use searching for I’ll never find you there
For you are far beyond compare

Take a jet to hideaway, from the humdrum of everyday
Yet the music that’s in my heart is a sad refrain
Fluctuations in the market scene
Fill my Dow Jones with every beam
And the music that’s in my heart
Is the same sad refrain…

Lalalalalalalalalalala ('_')