Sunday, July 5, 2009

..we are the World - bids farewell

There have been much unending favorable words all over the world we could hear how wonderful Michael Jackson was. He is being appreciated how he changed the world especially music and how he touched lives through his songs.

I could say he is incredibly unique, one of a kind. From childhood I was deeply touched to the message and to the good purpose of the creation of the song “We Are the World”. It’s a beautiful song. And it really would be had every one of us contribute a little to the fulfillment of his dream.

As Janet Jackson put it, “to you, Michael is an icon: to us he is family. Indeed, you are family in most hearts. Farewell MJ, surely you’ll be remembered.

The participation of various artists is pretty inspiring. Well done. I played it over and over again.


abella said...

mayat man agpayso....various artists singing together...of different colors.

TruBlue said...

Wonder how many of those artists are still generously giving to this cause. And did Africa became a better place after this song was recorded?

At least Stevie Wonder is still smiling even to this day, hehe...

Cheers to you!

ellenmayjoyceasacla said...

@abella: wen garud. different colors, isu nga colorful :)

@tb: you said it right, Stevie still standing w\ wide smile :)